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Welcome Back to our chat room. This room was created as a safe friendly haven for Animegao Kigurumi performers and fans to gather. We currently allow 3D KIGURUMI ANIMEGAO STYLE MASKS, FURSUITS and ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMATION-BASED CHARACTERS with no exposed "real" skin to cam (under normal circumstances), but polite and civil discussion is open to all. If you are a "new" Kig you may need to be vetted for a slot to be opened for you.

Note: This room uses the MPAA PG-13 or ESRB T ratings as a guideline for acceptable content. Excessive/extreme lewdness or exposed areas in the direct vicinity of your "bits" will result in your feed being closed and a warning issued - repeat offenders will be banned. KEEP YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS TO YOURSELF.

If you are new to this type of cosplay please refer to as a starting point.

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